Answers on Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invest?

You can do start the onboarding procedure by filling in the registration form for a natural person, or for a legal person, and send it to the administrator assetcare@assetcare.

What is the minimum investment?

The is regulated under the AIFMD registration regime. For this type of fund, the regulator (AFM) sets a minimum entry investment of € 100,000 per investor, excluding costs. The entry fee for this fund is 0.5%, therefore the minimum entry investment is € 100,500.

Are there limits to additional investments or withdrawals?

The initial investment must be at least € 100,500. Each additional investment or withdrawal must be at least € 10,000, provided the withdrawal will not diminish the total value of the investment under € 100,000, the minimum required by the dutch regulator (AFM).

When can I enter or exit the fund?

The fund has 3 to 5 year investment horizon and liquidity on fixed montly dates. In consultation, it is possible to enter or leave on other moments.
Notifications regarding entry or exit must reach us at least seven days in advance.

How is the fund regulated?

The Fund is regulated under the AIFMD registration regime. As a result, the Fund Manager is exempt from the licensing requirement pursuant to Section 2:66(1) of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) and the Fund Manager is not subject to supervision by the AFM. Nevertheless, we have chosen to have independent supervision carried out in the interests of the participants. This is carried out by the custodian, AssetCare B.V.

What about the taxes?

The fund is fiscally transparent. In the Netherlands, this means that investors are eligible for capital gains tax on the basis of the market value of their investment on the reference date. For private investors, this falls under Box 3. The administrator of the fund provides the investor with the necessary annual tax statements.

How does the fund handle airdrops and staking revenues?

All revenue that is generated off the crypto assets in the fund are compounded to the fund, and thus benefit the shareholders. Assets need to be officially claimed before being taken into the total asset value calculation. Claiming takes place after thorough research only.

How can I check the fund composition and the share value?

The composition of the fund can be found on the Fund page. There you can also find the share price. Entering the amount of fund shares in your possession above the price chart, gets you the total gross value of your investment.

Can I resell my fund shares?

No. Given the legal structure, it is only possible to sell the shares back to the fund and not to third parties.